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Overview of 2013

Last year I skipped the yearly overview for several reasons. The first one was simple – at that time I did not have an English blog, so obviously I did not have a place where I can share my thoughts.

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After WordCamp Sofia 2013

I started this post few days after WordCamp Sofia, but I delay it for no reason for almost month. I’m not going to do a review of whole event, because I was involved as volunteer and probably I won’t be

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Lorem Ipsum Generator

In my last post I wrote about Google Sniffer – a Google Chrome extension. As is obvious that I’m a Chrome user, I occasionally search for useful extensions that saves me time or are helping me with tasks and activities.

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Chrome Sniffer

As a Chrome user I always try to find out new and helpful extensions for it. I’m using Awesome Screenshot, Silver Bird Plus (Twitter client), Web Developer, Lorem Ipsum Generator and more.

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WordCamp Sofia 2013

This year the WordPress community in Bulgaria is organizing the fourth WordCamp Sofia on October 26. Our friendly host Telerik provides two of their training halls – Enterprise and Ultimate, so we can organize two parallel tracks – for users

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Import SQL file using a Linux terminal

If you have bigger database backup and you want to import SQL file into your database it will be easier to use the Terminal. Simply follow these steps:

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Migrate Stats to new domain

Update: Stats plugin is not active anymore! Last month I made few changes on my server and I had to migrate Stats to new domain(in my case new subdomain, but it doesn’t matter for the case) and I

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Get rid of Google Hangout and back to GTalk in Android

Some time ago Google announced new app called Google Hangout which should and (almost)replaced the one of my favorite Google Talk. As I said, I really love gtalk and I’m using very often to chat with colleagues and friends. It

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Bye, bye Google Reader!

Today is the last day of Google Reader. In March this year, Google announced Shutting down of Google Reader in their official blog. Few days after this announcement I started to search replacement for Reader and I found Feedly. There

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Hello World!

Hello world! This is my first post in brand new website. I finally made my first step of personal blogging in English. When I hit publish, this new experience for me will start and I’m really excited. Hope that will

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