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WordPress Themes – the good stuff

This February I gave my first presentation at WordPress Bulgaria User Group. The presentation was about WordPress themes. I shared my experience regarding some bad and some good themes, a few useful tips and code samples and I gave a few tips for creating a good WordPress

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Simple Blog Authors Widget plugin

In February this year WP Tavern published an article about adopt-me tag – a plugin tag which you could add to your plugin(s) in case if you want to give it to another developer. Personally I really like idea of having this tag, because it provides an option

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Sofia I Love You

I posted this video in my Bulgarian blog about two weeks ago, but I wanted to share this video with everybody who is planning to come to WordCamp Europe 2014 (#WCEU). Come to WordCamp Europe 2014, visit Sofia. We are

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Install ack on Ubuntu

If you are developer and a *nix OS user you probably already know how useful the grep command is. I’m using it almost all the time while I’m working, because it’s really useful and saves me time during the development

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How to Translate a WordPress Theme

There are many sources where you could find instructions for how to translate WordPress theme. Of course the first place where you should start is the WordPress Codex – Translating WordPress. There you could find all the information you need

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Huawei E173s and Ubuntu

I had big issues with my Huawei E173s and mobile Internet using Ubuntu. This USB stick saves me many times when I’m at some Coffice and if there is a problem with Internet connection or the coffee doesn’t have wireless

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Lenovo E540 and Ubuntu Wireless and rtl8723be problem – Updated

By the end of 2013 my laptop was old and slow I had few problems with it, so I decided to made myself a present for my birthday and for the Christmas. I did some research and I find the

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Rhythmbox Tray Icon in Ubuntu Notification Area

А few years ago when I was a Windows user, I used Winamp for listening to music. To be honest, this was, and still is, one of my favourite tool. I remember my first reaction when I installed my first

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Overview of 2013

Last year I skipped the yearly overview for several reasons. The first one was simple – at that time I did not have an English blog, so obviously I did not have a place where I can share my thoughts.

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After WordCamp Sofia 2013

I started this post few days after WordCamp Sofia, but I delay it for no reason for almost month. I’m not going to do a review of whole event, because I was involved as volunteer and probably I won’t be

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