On Emoji and the Anatomy of a Critical Security Bug

As you know Emoji is the one of the major features in the WordPress 4.2. Many of us were disappointed because of the focus on an icons for the one of the two biggest features, really? Well, not really…

Let me be perfectly honest with you. I was one of many guys who was: “omg, is Emoji the most important thing and it should be one of the two main “features” for the WordPress 4.2?” I wasn’t very happy of the this decision and not because of I don’t like Emoji. No, actually I don’t mind them, but I think it would be better if they are available in a plugin, event if it would be one of the recommended plugins and not bundled in the core. Anyway, this is a different story and it’s my personal opinion.

If I knew how wrong I am, probably I wasn’t be so negative about the initial idea behind the Emoji, but this is in the past and actually is not such a big deal anymore.

The moment when I realized how wrong I am

We were in a team chat and for some reason I mentioned how “important” Emoji is and Mario told me: “stop what you are doing and watch this video. You’ll understand why was so important Emoji to be included to the core.”

I so I did. I stopped the work for about an hour. I sat to watch the video and I was… I was very surprised, but very pleased that the core team actually spent the time working on something really, really important. And yes, the Emoji was the “official” thing while they were working on fixing an very critical security issue.

I can’t even imagine what was the pressure to the team, to stay calm and to work on something so important while many guys like me constantly complaining about the Emoji and how there are more important things which should be included in the core before some icons.

So yeah, one more time I was very wrong. Anyway, the most important thing is the security issue is now fixed and if you are using the stable version of WordPress you should be safe and secure.

I assume you already watched the Nacin’s talk from LoopConf , but if you don’t, stop what you are doing at the moment and go watch the video. Seriously, go and watch the video.

Anatomy of a Critical Security Bug

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