Chrome Sniffer

As a Chrome user I always try to find out new and helpful extensions for it. I’m using Awesome Screenshot, Silver Bird Plus (Twitter client), Web Developer, Lorem Ipsum Generator and more.

A long time ago Mario told me about a very useful extension. Chrome Sniffer is a Chrome extension which shows you small icon/logo of most popular CMSs, Web applications and JavaScript libraries at the address bar in your browser.

Chrome Sniffer

Chrome Sniffer description from Chrome Web Store:


Detect web applications and javascript libraries run on browsing website.

This extension will help web developer to inspect web framework / CMS and javascript library running on current browsing website. An icon will appear on address bar indicates the detected framework. Version detecting is being implemented.

Currently, this extension can detect more than 100 popular CMS and javascript libraries, and more will be added in future releases. Visit extension website for more detail.

In my opinion this is very useful extension and if you are still don’t use it, I totally recommend you!

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  1. jtsternberg Avatar

    I’m currently using Wappalyzer which is very similar but seems like it may be a bit more robust:

    1. metodiew Avatar

      It looks interesting, will check this tool. Thank you for sharing this, Justin! 🙂

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