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In February this year WP Tavern published an article about adopt-me tag – a plugin tag which you could add to your plugin(s) in case if you want to give it to another developer. Personally I really like idea of having this tag, because it provides an option to plugin author who doesn’t have the time or doesn’t want to continue to support his plugin, but also doesn’t want to “kill” or to retire the plugin. In that case the author has an opportunity to grant the authorship to another developer, which is pretty nice.

I guess this isn’t a news for you, but I said it because I used this option and I took over one of the plugins of the adopt-me list and I decided to write few words about it.

A few months ago accidentally I opened the list of plugins with adopt-me tag and I saw Simple Blog Authors Widget. I looked the plugin and I decided to ask its author, Pippin Williamson, if he is willing to transfer the plugin to my account. After several emails and few weeks later I pushed my first plugin update and I’ll continue with the support of the plugin.

Simple Blog Authors Widget

The plugin itself is pretty simple and according it’s plugin page:

This plugin provides a simple widget to list your blog’s authors, including gravatar and post counts.

The plugin has 7k+ downloads, at the time of the post, and as you can see the plugin title says pretty much everything for the plugin, so what more do you need?
It provide an option to add a widget with few options which will all blog authors, which could be very useful for a blog with multiple authors and it’s a really simple to use.

For more information or if want to download the plugin, check the wp.org plugin page.

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