Bye, bye Google Reader!

Today is the last day of Google Reader.

In March this year, Google announced Shutting down of Google Reader in their official blog. Few days after this announcement I started to search replacement for Reader and I found Feedly. There are other alternatives, but Feedly suits me.

Feedly has nice and smooth import option from Reader. As I’m Andoird user, I can recommend you to download Feedly from Google Play – the mobile app is really nice and useful. Of course, there is also app for iOS. For more information you can check feedly’s blog.

It doesn’t matter what will be your replacement for Google Reader, make sure you will act fast, because tomorrow, 1st of July, Google Reader will shutting down. Guys from Google provides option to export your feeds, so make your backup and find a new replacement.

Thank you, Reader, and good bye!

Stanko Metodiev is a WordPress technical lead and a Project Manager at DevriX. Here is also a WordPress Core contributor, themes and plugins author and occasional speaker.

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