Get rid of Google Hangout and back to GTalk in Android

Some time ago Google announced new app called Google Hangout which should and (almost)replaced the one of my favorite Google Talk. As I said, I really love gtalk and I’m using very often to chat with colleagues and friends. It is fast, smooth and easy to use. Also is native Android application and is connected with your Google account. Something very useful for me.

Few days after announcement I received the update notification on my phone and I have rejected it few times. Then I said: “hey, why I don’t try new app? It shouldn’t be so bad. Probably there is something new and something better” and decided to update it and to try it.

Few minutes after update I was shocked how unusable was this app. I have to say: It was awful! The first experience, the very first seconds to use it… a nightmare… You cannot see who is online, who is away or who is offline. Your chat list is incomplete and it was hard to find people I want to chat with. You though when you updated it you will have a better application with more features, easier to use and so on, but that wasn’t the case here.

So, long story short: here is how I managed to get rid of Google Hangout and to get back to the GTalk:

1) Go to Settings => Application(Apps)
2) Select ‘All
3) Scroll down and find “Hangout
4) Click it and select “Uninstall
5) Confirm and enjoy of your favorite Google Talk app.

*Notice: the above scenario can be slightly different based on your Android device, but the main point is to Uninstall Hangout and you will have old application.

Keep in mind you probably have to adjust your gtalk setting again, but this shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course they are good sides of Hangout: few people in the same chat, video talks and so on… but Google should work on application and to make it better before I started to use it.

Hope this will be helpful and good luck. And of course, please share you experience with the new Hangout 🙂

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