Ubuntu Enable/Disable Notification Keyboard Shortcut

I really like the default Ubuntu notification area, especially compared to other OSs. In recent years they have improved it a lot.

I use it on a daily basis and allow myself some focus mode when I need to do deep work. But having the need to click on the clock/notification, enable it or disable it is something that bothers me, or at least I find it annoying.

It turns out there is no shortcut available out of the box, so I had to create a quick bash script that takes care of this.


You have to clone the repository in a directory, based on your preferences. I have a folder called Software in my home dir where I place scripts and tools like this. We’ll be working with the assumption you have the same.

cd ~/Software/
git clone git@github.com:metodiew/ubuntu-notification-shortcut.git

Now, it’s time to set up the shortcut. You’ll need to make the file executable with the following:

sudo chmod +x ubuntu-notification-shortcut.sh

Then open Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcodes > Custom Shortoces and create a new shortcut.

In my case, I have Enable/Disable Notificiations set as the name, /home/metodiew/Software/ubuntu-notification-shortcut/ubuntu-notification-shortcut.sh for the path and Shift + Ctrl + J for the keyboard combination. Of course, all of these are customizable and based on your personal preference.

The end result would be – using the keyboard shortcuts will help you to enable or disable the notifications faster with no need to go and click with the mouse.

Give it a try and let me know if you have any questions or ideas and suggestions for improvements.

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