Overview of 2013

Last year I skipped the yearly overview for several reasons. The first one was simple – at that time I did not have an English blog, so obviously I did not have a place where I can share my thoughts. There are several other reasons, but I will not go into details. What is important that years is the that I already have an English blog, so I can share my year in small overview.

Truth to be told, the most important reason to skip the overview of 2012 was that the last year was not the best year for me. Long story short, I wasn’t satisfied of my achievement thru the year and wasn’t happy about that.

This year I tried to do my best and I can say the year was better than previous. To be honest, I’m not 100% satisfied and I wanted more, so I’ll make sure that the 2014 will be better. Will see what will be the results for the next year 🙂

The year of many “Firsts”

2013 was the year with many firsts for me.

Finally I created (my first separated)English Twitter account where I focus on following awesome WordPress people from the Community (and not only!) and to have separate Bulgarian (mostly) account for everything else.

The most obvious step was to create my first English blog. Again – finally!. It was about time, so here I am with my first yearly overview in English.

At the beginning of June was my first WordCamp abroad – WordCamp Transylvania. It was very well-organized and we met great WordPress people there. It was nice experience and I’m looking forward for the next WordCamp abroad.

This year I finally managed to create and upload my first plugin to WordPress Plugin repository. Both with Mario we created a simple slider plugin for your WordPress site – DX Lite Slide.

Later this year I managed to create DX GitHub Badge. This is my first personal plugin uploaded to WordPress plugin repository.

WordCamp Sofia

This year was the fourth WordCamp Sofia 2013.
For the first time I was part of volunteers team and I think we did a good job. Of course there are things we could do better, but in general I think we managed to organized cool event.

Here is the place where I want to thank you to the sponsors, the host, the speakers, the team of volunteers and everybody involved in whole process of the organization. And most important here – huge props to Mario Peshev, who did an awesome job!

Speaker for the first time!

This year it was my first presentation in front of people. My talk was called “WordPress – from the start” (slides) and it was for people who are beginners or have little experience with WordPress. I remember that I was very nervous but I think it went well. I received positive feedback, but I have a few remarks that will try to fix it next time. The most important – it was great experience for me and I’m looking forward my next talk.


At the contributors day – I made my first theme review for WPTRT. After that I made one more theme review and if I continued to do so, I will can call myself member of WordPress Theme Review Team. Hope that next year I will find more time for reviews.

Several days after WordCamp Sofia I became moderator of Bulgarian WordPress support forum. The forum wasn’t so popular but after several local WordPress meetups and the WordCamp I noticed increasing of people’s questions, which is a good thing, but there are only a few people who are willing to answer to users’ questions.


Nearly at the end of the year I became moderator-in-training at WordPress.tv where I made several reviews of videos from different WordCamps. It is a fun process where I can watch videos from different WordPress related events, mostly from WordCamps all over the world but not only, before other people and in that way to help with reviews and upload process of the videos.

Goals for 2014

I have many things in mind, but here’s a list of the most general:

  • to become better at my job
  • to learn new stuff about development
  • to improve my time management
  • to read more
  • to create and upload to wporg repository at least one WordPress theme and few plugins
  • to try to upload patch to WordPress core
  • attend to few WordCamps and other conferences
  • last, but not least – to find more time for friends and family

… and many more, but the most important thing I want is the same as the Mario’s:

My only real wish is for health and prosperity to my family, friends, colleagues and fellows around. It’s the only important thing out there and it’s the base of everything else.

As I said before – it was a year with many firsts and it was interesting year for me. For sure there are things that I wanted to be better, but in general it was a good year. I wish you a really successful 2014!

Stanko Metodiev is a WordPress veteran and the CTO of DevriX. For the past 12 years Stanko has been developing complex SaaS platforms, multisite solutions, migrating various systems to WordPress, managing a team of developers and leading a few key international projects in the company. In the past years, Stanko is the lead organizer of the WordPress Sofia User Group (WPBGUG) and has been a part of the organization of WordCamp Sofia and WordCamp Bulgaria. In his portfolio, you can find free themes and plugins on WordPress.org, and badges of his membership in the WordPress support, polyglots, theme reviews teams. Stanko is a fan of Real Madrid and often watches football games in shisha bars with friends and with his family at home. Also an avid fan of Counter-Strike and an active member of the remote work culture worldwide.

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